Peru: Amazon

Small Towns Small towns such as this one are commonly found in the outskirts of Cusco. They are typically quaint little towns which feature traditional architecture and a very laid back way of life. I really enjoyed strolling through these kinds of small towns as I felt that they added a lot to the already rich… Continue reading Peru: Amazon

Peru: Lake Titicaca

My time in Peru was busy. When I wasn't caught up with the TEFL Course and all the work involved I was out sightseeing and making some awesome memories. Every weekend offered an opportunity to see something new and I took full advantage of my free time. Tours booked through tour companies typically involve some… Continue reading Peru: Lake Titicaca

Peru: Cusco

After my El Salvador trip I arrived in beautiful Cusco, Peru - where I would be spending the next month and a half. As soon as I arrived and exited the small airport I was immediately impressed by the mountainous backdrop that surrounds this attractive city. Cusco is recognized as the historical capital of Peru. There… Continue reading Peru: Cusco