Amsterdam: Part ll

Amsterdam is a beautiful place, though we did not visit any tulip farms during this trip or many windmills, what we did experience was a diverse city that thrives on urban living, collections of great art and traditional sectors that still flourish. I put my camera to work during my entire time here - I… Continue reading Amsterdam: Part ll

Amsterdam: Part l

Now this was one awesome place. I had high expectations for Amsterdam and I'm happy to say that those expectations were all met. The water canals, the building structures, the landmarks, the many bicycles found everywhere and the ease of getting around to see and experience Amsterdam really made my time here a memorable one.… Continue reading Amsterdam: Part l

Spain: Madrid

Spain has been a place I have been wanting to visit for some time. It was more interesting than I imagined; its got rich history, good food and some absolutely beautiful vistas that inspire me to want to come back. I must admit, however, that I didn't find the general Spaniard customer service in Madrid… Continue reading Spain: Madrid

Spain: Toledo

During my time in Madrid I opted for a one-day trip to the ancient city of Toledo - a beautiful little town with so much history that I simply could not pass up. Toledo dates far back to the Roman occupation, 192BC. After the Roman empire Toledo came under Muslim rule until it was finally… Continue reading Spain: Toledo

Portugal: Lisbon

The first thing I noticed upon my arrival in Lisbon was the grittiness of the city. It's old, it's dirty but it is also very welcoming. For a fast paced traveler like me, I felt right at home. The people are very friendly and the prices for everything were very reasonable, which is a huge… Continue reading Portugal: Lisbon