Amsterdam: Part ll

Amsterdam is a beautiful place, though we did not visit any tulip farms during this trip or many windmills, what we did experience was a diverse city that thrives on urban living, collections of great art and traditional sectors that still flourish. I put my camera to work during my entire time here - I… Continue reading Amsterdam: Part ll

Peru: Amazon

Small Towns Small towns such as this one are commonly found in the outskirts of Cusco. They are typically quaint little towns which feature traditional architecture and a very laid back way of life. I really enjoyed strolling through these kinds of small towns as I felt that they added a lot to the already rich… Continue reading Peru: Amazon

Okinawa is Unique

Okinawa's landscape is different from the rest of Japan but its noticeable differences from the mainland don't end there. Okinawan tradition, culture, food, drink and wildlife assure the southernmost land of Japan stays unique. Traditional Ryukyu arts performances such as this one was presented near Shuri Castle. At the end of August, during Obon, the… Continue reading Okinawa is Unique

Japan: Hiroshima Part I

Of all the places I have been to Hiroshima is by far my most favorite place to visit in Japan! We took a bullet-train from our Hakone Trip to Hiroshima, spent a few days sightseeing and had a wonderful time. When traveling to Japan for the first time most people, including myself, usually skip over traveling… Continue reading Japan: Hiroshima Part I