Japan: Himeji Castle

Living in the Kansai Region allows for some great sightseeing opportunities. I definitely wasn't going to pass up my chance to see Japan's most beautiful castle: Himeji Castle. Located in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan and standing tall and proud is this majestic castle. As soon as you exit the Himeji Station you are greeted with your… Continue reading Japan: Himeji Castle

Japan: Tokyo

Tokyo,  how I missed you - my Japan journey all started with you after all! Seven years ago when I first walked your streets as a young, wide-eyed, know-it-all, I was captivated by your power to mesmerize. I knew I would one day return and attempt to recreate that memorable trip. Like watching any good movie… Continue reading Japan: Tokyo

Japan: Nagano

I love Japan for its uniqueness and for never falling short in offering its visitors something fascinating experience. Even before thinking about moving to Japan, I wanted to go see the hot-spring monkeys in Nagano. Seeing the Nagano monkeys in real life was every bit as charming as I imagined it would be. But of course getting… Continue reading Japan: Nagano

Kingdom of Bahrain

As I mentioned before on my Dubai Trip , I had plans to go visit my brother and his wife while they are stationed in Bahrain during my two-week Christmas school break. Now, I have to admit the Kingdom of Bahrain was not in my sights to travel to during my time in Japan. However,  I was… Continue reading Kingdom of Bahrain


For my two-week Christmas school break I had plans to go visit my brother and his wife living in Bahrain. Before getting to Bahrain, however, we met up in Dubai for a fun weekend excursion to celebrate my bro's birthday. There are tons of cool things to do in this desert metropolis. Dubai is awesome! I… Continue reading Dubai

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place filled with tons of fun activities to do. During our 10-day visit we saw and experienced so much of PR that we were left with a very impressionable mark by the end of our tour. Our trip started out in Viejo San Juan, after arriving at the airport and… Continue reading Puerto Rico