Learning: Portuguese

My first official class term of Portuguese is now complete. I registered for a 10 week course that ended last week. I had a great time and learned a fair amount. Pronunciation is the most challenging aspect to this language for me, everything else is very straightforward. I can say with confidence that after a well disciplined year of Portuguese study I’ll be pretty advanced in the language. The real test will come once I have to put what I’ve learned to practice in a real life situation. That opportunity will possibly come in the near future when I travel to Brazil.

The book that we are using for class is called “Bom Dia, Brasil”, and it’s a very good book if you have prior knowledge of Portuguese as it is fully written in the language. I understand it fine and do a lot of shadow reading with the audio files included with the text. I’d highly recommend it for anyone looking to self-study. But it is definitely not for someone that has zero experience with the language. Speaking Spanish helps a lot in learning Portuguese but also knowing how to learn a new language goes a long way. And since this is the fourth language i’m learning i’d say i’m quick to adapt.

The best part of the class is that it’s so laid back and enjoyable thanks to the instructor. It’s been quite different than when I was taking Japanese classes, very different in fact, those classes were stressful at times! There are now, no grades, no homework and the flow is nice and steady. I’m very glad I registered for the course I’ll continue taking as many classes as I can before going out on my adventure to Brazil or Portugal. I’ll check back soon with updates once Portuguese level two picks up.

Thanks for reading!

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